More than 1000 Recruiters comprising over 50 specializations have joined our community


We really like Direqlink because it delivers great candidates and gives us complete control over our recruitment costs. We now pay a fixed fee for each role, and we decide what the fee is going to be up front” said Mr. Delaney. “It’s a refreshing approach to an industry that has not seen much change in the pricing model over the last 30 years.”
In addition to driving greater efficiencies on the front lines of the hiring process, Direqlink has made life easier for the back-office team at MCAP by consolidating all vendor agreements,

payments and guarantees under Direqlink, effectively creating a single MSA and single point of contact to track, manage and report on all third-party agency spend.


“We had been struggling for months to fill some key positions at Domtar before we discovered Direqlink. Their online platform delivered strong candidates that we just weren’t able to reach through other channels. We have hired great people while saving valuable time on our external recruitment efforts. We fully intend to continue to use Direqlink as part of our ongoing recruitment strategy.”

Maggie Tremblay, CHRP

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Hire Better Candidates, Faster!

  • Employers experience a 30% faster time to fill when using Direqlink
  • Direqlink’s extensive network of professional recruiters provides complete visibility into the entire passive and hidden candidate market, making it quick and easy to find and hire the perfect person for your open job.

Save Money!

  • Employers save an average of 20% when using Direqlink to engage with third party recruiters
  • Direqlink’s customizable name-your-own-fee pricing  model and competitive bidding process drives better value and performance from professional recruiters.

Superior Candidate Experience

  •  96% of candidates have a positive experience when applying for a position through the Direqlink network. 

  • Direqlink’s 5-star rating system finally gives candidates a voice in the recruitment process and ensures that every recruiter is held accountable to providing a quality candidate experience.
Manage candidate submissions with the click of a button

Reviewing, accepting, and rejecting candidate submissions can be done with the click of a button. Direqlink’s built-in chat application provides a simple way for employers and recruiters to exchange information, schedule interviews and share feedback.

One set of terms

Direqlink’s flat fee pricing model and standard guarantees provides employers with both cost certainty and peace of mind that they are covered in the event that a hired candidate does not work out. Direqlink also manages candidate submission and ownership rules to ensure that quality remains high and there are no disputes around which agency obtained the right to represent a candidate

Timely submissions

All invited agencies will receive the requirement simultaneously, creating a competitive environment that incents member agencies to engage and present their best candidates to you quickly

Build customized preferred lists for specific needs

With Direqlink’s universal performance rating system, it is easy to find out which recruiters are consistently providing the best candidates within specific specializations. Creating and modifying your own customized list of preferred recruiters in the application is simple.

Candidate Experience

Candidates submitted through Direqlink are able to rate their experience of the process for both the agency and the employer. These insights hold recruiters accountable to providing a great experience and give employers feedback on their hiring process.

Robust network of expert recruiters

Direqlink continuously monitors the performance of our member agencies to ensure the highest quality delivery and the ability to meet the most highly sought after specializations. Member agencies are also publicly rated for performance by member employers and candidates.

Breadth and Depth

Through a single, streamlined channel, Direqlink gives you access to the best candidates from an exclusive network of fully vetted, local, expert recruiters whose broad and deep networks maximize your reach into the market.


We’re working hard to be good.

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson


Jordan Greenspoon

Jordan Greenspoon


Robert Cheszes

Robert Cheszes

VP Customer Success

Question & Answer

How do you vet your agencies and ensure quality control?

We have a fairly rigid process for vetting agencies that includes reference checks and the ability to demonstrate a track record of fulfilling roles in their area of expertise for at least three years prior to being approved to join the network. We also closely monitor their performance once they are part of the network to ensure that they meet our high standard of customer service and satisfaction.

How do the fees work?

There is no fee to use the platform. When you post a job, you name your own fee, and you only pay that fee if and when you successfully fill the role through the platform and the candidate passes the 90-day guarantee period.

How many agencies are in the platform?

There are currently almost 50 fully qualified professional agencies in the platform, altogether representing more than 400 professional recruiters across Canada. This gives Direqlink by far the greatest access to the talent marketplace than any other source.

How does candidate ownership work?

A submitting agency only gets ownership on a candidate for that specific job and only for 6 months from the date of submission.

Can we move our current vendors onto the Direqlink platform?

Yes! It’s important to have all your recruiters on a unified contract. When you invite your agencies to the Direqlink platform, they will maintain their existing placement fee percentage, while adopting a standard set of terms for our platform. This prevents any confusion over ownership and payment terms. Once they confirm their account they become an Amnesty Agency for your organization. The transition process is simple and typically takes no more than a week. Most importantly, it takes minimal effort on your part, as our team handles all onboarding, training, and Q&A with your Amnesty Agencies.

Who are your other clients?

We have a number of clients across various sectors including finance, manufacturing, consulting and many more. The beautiful thing about our solution is that it works extremely well across all sectors.

How do the guarantees work?

Direqlink guarantees all placements for 90 days with a 100% cash back guarantee.

What is your cut / How does the platform make money?

When one of our member agencies successfully fills a position, they pay the platform service fee for filling the role.

Why would I use Direqlink over other recruiters?

We are the only ones who offer a fixed-price, name your own fee, one agreement and it gives you the ability to work with dozens of recruiters (new and familiar), speed, Direqlink also acts as a governing body to manage the process/disputes to ensure everything runs smoothly.

How do I access the platform?

The platform is completely web-based so there is no software to download or install. You simply login through the website and you are good to go.

How will the recruiters uphold my employment brand and provide a solid candidate experience?

Candidates anonymously rate the recruiters on their professionalism, knowledge of the job, and knowledge of the employer. Recruiters that receive anything below a 4 out of 5 rating from their candidates are personally reviewed by the Dirqelink team, with the potential of being coached for improvement or removed from platform entirely. This ensures that our community will maintain a high standard for your employment brand and candidate experience.